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We strive for excellence and set high standards in our kids classes. Each student is treated as a unique individual with their own special needs and style of learning. Our philosophy and approach to teaching in every class are based on the strong belief that all students, regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, are gifts. All students, whether they are athletically elite or have delayed motor skills, are welcome. They all add something distinctive and valuable to everyone’s learning experience.

Little Dragons (Classes for 3 to 6 Years Old)

In these  classes, the emphasis is on empowering and nurturing students to develop good manners, respect and self-discipline. We train students to improve their basic co-ordination, agility, flexibility and core-strength. We model fair discipline and a consistent structure, and students learn to communicate effectively and respectfully. Little Dragons learn to co-operate in small and large groups as they become more confident in interacting with others. True respect is developed first through self-respect and acceptance. Our primary objective is to support your child’s evolving positive self-esteem.

In these classes, we introduce the students to the basic principles of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Such as correct posture, stance, guard and the Centreline theory, as well as basic striking and self-defence techniques. Since the kids in these classes are still very young, it’s important for us to fill the classes with fun, delight and excitement. While still retaining the students’ attention and ensuring that they learn the correct techniques. Which is why we’ve designed many “Wing Chun games” for the children.

After 15 years of teaching Wing Chun to kids in Hong Kong, we believe most kids are ready to join our classes at around the age of 3. The level of concentration varies between children so we recommend a trial class. So that we (and you) can assess whether our Kung Fu class is suitable for your child. 

We offer a 10 week curriculum for this age group. While the theme and exercises of each week’s curriculum are different, the structure of the classes remains the same. The kids will know exactly what is expected of them and can really get to grips with the routine of the class.

Dragons (Classes for 6-9 YO)
& Mindful Dragons (9-12 YO)

These multi-grade curriculum-based children’s classes are suitable for anyone aged 6 and above. Participants are being arranged into two separate classes according to their ages: 6 to 9 and 9 to 12 years old.

In these Kung Fu classes, we help kids understand the attributes of Wing Chun through progressively advanced techniques, according to their grades. The techniques include the first 2 Wing Chun Forms, Chi Sau, and self-defence techniques. This techniques help the children understand and apply Wing Chun’s martial arts principles. Correct postural alignment through developing a strong and active core is an important thing around these ages. So that is also a big factor in these classes. We also introduce meditations and deep-breathing sessions to balance out the sparring and self-defence aspect of the classes.

For kids at this age, apart from placing more emphasis on the technical and self-defence side of the art, we also introduce philosophical concepts and life-skills tools (Kung Fu Philosophy and Codes of Conduct).  With an emphasis on effective communication skills and self-esteem, Bully-proofing etc. which promote a solid foundation for the children’s emotional intelligence and their dealings with the world around them.

Our kids’ curriculum for this age group is based on 12 grades, identified by different-coloured Sashes (White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, and Black). All kids start with the white Sash, and when they’re ready they’ll be promoted through a Grading.

The curriculum for this age group lasts for 22 weeks. While the theme and exercises of each week’s curriculum are different, the structure of the classes remains the same. 

For a clearer picture of the curriculum

Here’s an example of a 50-minute class:

Beginning Bow – to promote mindfulness and respect for themselves, the training hall, teachers and classmates, and to formally begin the kids class!

Class intro / Reciting the 6 Kung Fu virtues (2 minutes) – to discuss any issues or questions that may have come up for any child since the last class. This section also gives the teacher a chance to motivate and inspire the students for the upcoming class.

Warm-up, Strength and conditioning (10 minutes) – Wing Chun Kung Fu  techniques are done at a fast pace, with the addition of simple stretches and mobilisation exercises to warm up the muscles.

Forms (8 minutes) – the practice of Siu Nim Tao (or other Forms for advanced students) is taken very seriously at our school, because the Forms are the root of the art and promote relaxation, focus and discipline.

Techniques / Pad Work (15 minutes) – we practise the self-defence techniques of Wing Chun and pad striking.  Chisau and eventual sparring is also within these sections.

Kung Fu Philosophy (5 minutes) – we discuss and share important life skills in this section of the class such as dealing with emotions, leadership, bullying, the keys to success and much more!

Meditation and Closing Discussion (5 minutes) – we do guided meditations on different themes, and have a group discussion in which students can share their insights and ideas about what they learnt (or felt) in the class.

Ending Bow – to promote mindfulness and respect for themselves, the training hall, teachers and classmates, and to formally end the class!