Learning English Through Action

Learning English through Action – Our unique blend of Movement and Mindfulness is a perfect arena for exceptional learning to take place.

Learning English Through Action - Kids Martial Arts Classes

Learning English through Action – Kung Fu and Mindfulness

We have a mission, and that is to create a space which induces a state of calm and relaxation, which encourages the mind to be alert and open.  When you enter into this type of environment, knowledge can be absorbed and the lessons taught retained.

What is the secret to all of this? To be present! To be fully in the present moment so that fears, anxieties and self-doubt have no place to exist. The mind is open to what is happening right now and this is where the best learning can occur.

Through the physcial action of Kung Fu, in this case ‘Wing Chun’, we learn how to stay with the present moment by experiencing our ‘felt’ experience. How do I feel? How did I react? Am I relaxed and upright?

Instructors are native English speakers

All of the class instructors at Mindful Wing Chun are native English speakers and can direct the students, at their level, to follow instructions in English. With such a wide range of international students this is a challenge but also extremely rewarding to witness and be a part of. Growth in the physical, mental and lingual.

Not only do the teachers all have an excellent grasp on the English language and an appreciation for speakers of English as a foreign language, they all also have experience in other sports or academic related settings teaching 3-14 year olds as well as a firm grasp of the Chinese style of Kung Fu. What a great mix for teachers to gain so many life skills all in one class!

These English Through Movement classes are designed specifically to help students improve their vocabulary, to be better equipped to socialise with their peers and to ensure they are confident in any situation.

These classes will equip each child with the ability to;

  • Improve conversational skills
  • Understand and follow instructions of a native English speaker
  • Articulate and express ideas freely
  • Be comfortable speaking in front of a group (Kung Fu Philosophy sections)

Can’t wait to see you in class soon!