Grading System

The grading system for our kids class program for children 6yrs and above is divided into 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each level is separated into different grades which are specified by coloured Sash’s. The students wear the sashes as a part of their uniforms in ever class. 

Mindful Wing Chun Kids Classes Grading System 分級體系

White Sash

In this grade the students learn the basic principles of Wing Chun such as Centreline, Active Base (stable stance), Shield Ball (circular structure) and Elbow Force (relaxation of the shoulder. By the end of this Grade they will know the first sequence of the Siu Nim Tao form (the first empty hand form of Wing Chun), all the main postures (Upright Sitting, Attention Pose, Stance and Guard and Bowing), and the most basic techniques and striking. They will also have a basic understanding of how to breath correctly and activate their core muscles.

Required Training for grading eligibility: 12 classes

Yellow Sash

 By the end of this Grade, students will know the entire 7minute sequence of the Siu Nim Tao Form and will know the movements by name. They will also have a good understanding in how to use their structure to absorb and deflect incoming force (with one arm). At this stage, they are beginning to have a few more self-defence techniques and tools!  The improvements in diaphragmatic breathing and core muscle activation will be noticeable in the strength & fitness sections of the class.

Required Training for grading eligibility: 20 classes


Orange Sash

The famous Wing Chun exercise of Chisau is introduced in this grade which will begin to develop the student’s force absorption, sensitivity and power. They begin to delve into techniques and exercises which will begin challenge their reflexes, balance and coordination.  There will be a lot more body movement (stepping and pivoting) from this grade onwards. By the end of this grade, performing body weight exercises such as push ups, planks, lunges, squats etc. will be easily demonstrated by students.

By the end of this level, having completed nearly 1year of practice, students will have a good understanding on when and how to use their self-defence skills in relation to each situation (i.e. the difference with if they are on the school playground, compared to being on the street where there is a lot more danger).

Required Training for grading eligibility: 24 classes

Green Sash

 By the end this grade, which is the last of the Foundation level, the level of self-defence, fitness, posture and core strength will have noticeably improved! Therefore the students are now ready to begin realistic sparring in a safe and supportive environment. By the end of this grade, they will be able to defend themselves against aa dynamic attacker who is attacking with random (not predetermined) punches.

The ability to focus the mind will be greatly improved by this stage and demonstrated within our meditation and deep-breathing sections of the class.

By the end of this level, parents will notice that their kids can apply the skills of balance, coordination, correct posture and core strength in their daily activities!

Required Training for grading eligibility: 26 classes

Red Sash

We begin the Intermediate level by introducing the sequence of the Chum Kiu Form (the 2nd empty hand form of Wing Chun). This form will greatly improve the student’s power and mobility through active core stability. By the end of this grade, they will have a good standard in the Chisau drills and exercises. One of the main focuses of this level is dynamic striking (pad work) and defence to incoming kicks.

Having attended our classes for over 1.5years, by the end of this level we expect a high level of understanding and discussion engagement in the topics of the ‘Kung Fu Philosophy’ sections of our class (i.e. tools for dealing with negative emotions, bully-proofing, healthy lifestyle habits, laws of success, dealing with mistakes and obstacles in life etc.)

Required Training for grading eligibility: 32 classes

Blue Sash

Students will now have all the necessary tools for a complete self-defences scenario including many tools for avoiding a physical altercation, as well as knowing their exact range and how to automatically respond to all hand to hand combat situations. 

Conversely, they will have a deep level of experiential understanding in relaxation and mindfulness which will lead to a calmer and more peaceful attitude.

Required Training for grading eligibility: 36 classes

Purple Sash

Students are not delving into the more ‘internal’ aspects of the Art by the time they reach Purple sash! They will be understanding and practicing how to use their ‘centre of mass’ as the power source behind all their movements which will increase their power by multiple times. This grade, being the last of the Intermediate Level, put emphasis of practice on realistic sparring and self-defence situations.

They will also begin to be pressure tested on the stepping and pivoting movements of the Chum Kiu Form.  Dynamic sparring and pad work will be part of every class at this grade!

Required Training for grading eligibility: 52 classes

Black Sash

This is the final grade in the Kid’s Mindful Wing Chun System! Students will be able to demonstrate live sparring when facing any other martial art style.  They will be able to demonstrate great core strength, flexibility and fitness levels.  Their level of mental calmness and focus will at a much higher level than those of similar and above ages. They will be able to showcase their ability to relax their muscles and utilize great bio-mechanics to produce great force. 

Required Training for grading eligibility: 52 classes