20% OFF Offer For All Brand New Members!

We know, we feel the same way… Summer is over! 😕

But turn that frown upside down, the fun, development, growth and good times do not have to end!

In fact we have an offer you can’t refuse – 20% off new memberships until the end of September 2023!


Take advantage of this 20% offer

There is no better time to join, and in case you didn’t know, here are some more good reasons too!

  • Traditional Chinese Kung Fu taught in a modern setting
  • Self-Defence Awareness skills
  • Explore the Art of Mindfulness
  • Develop Co-ordination, mobility and strength
  • Build a positive and healthy mental attitude
  • Learn discipline, focus and relaxation
  • Awareness skills to help regulate emotions and behaviour 

These specially curated classes are designed to take your children on a journey, building strength and determination, honing focus and discipline and learning about respect and compassion.

Check here for weekly class schedules.

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Call/Whatsapp: 6620 7050
Email: info@mindfulwingchun.com.hk

A bit more about us

‘Our classes teach students how to defend their physical, emotional and psychological experiences through the art of Mindful Movement. A skill that everyone should have!’

Mindful Wing Chun Kids Kung Fu classes are designed to promote Discipline, Correct Posture, Coordination, Balance, Fun, Confidence, and Self Defense. Catering to all kids from 3yrs old to teenagers. 

We not only focus on the Physical movements of Wing Chun, we nurture and tend to the emotional and psychological needs of every student too!

Although our school derives from the lineage of the famous Grandmaster Ip Man, our training and teaching methods are quite different from those of other schools.

We now teach in various locations all over Hong Kong from our HQ in Central to International Schools and Clubhouses!

Hope to see you in one of our sessions soon!

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