Best Children’s Martial Arts School 2020 – Hong Kong

Mindful Wing Chun Kids classes reviewed by Lux Magazine Life as “Best Children’s Martial Arts School in Hong Kong”.

Best Childrens Martial Arts School Hong Kong

Mindful Wing Chun’s Kids Kung Fu division is a unique approach to children’s mental and physical health. The physical practice of the Kung Fu art is the tool in which we use to experience our bodies, our current mindset and how the two are intrinsically linked. When we come to the realization that we are not as tuned in to our bodies as we could be, our attention more often than not lost on outside distractions like handheld devices, adverts etc. the practice becomes clearer in its intentions; to build the relationship between then body and the mind. To be Mindful means to be present to our feelings and to know them and be ok with them which in turn feeds confidence, a sense of ease and positivity.

Winner of 2020 Best Children’s Martial Arts School 2020 – Hong Kong

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