Kids Program Manager

Job description

As a Kung Fu Kids Program Manager, you will work with young children (from 3yrs), plan and execute different programs and activities, manage the team of Kids Instructors so they deliver the results and high standards you expect.

If you love working with kids, get satisfaction from seeing them thrive and are excited about the prospect of developing kids learning curriculms and guidelines, this position is for you!

Main Job Duties Include;

– Teaching of all required Kids Wing Chun classes both in-studio and at Remote locations such as Schools and club houses. These classes are grouped into ages 3-5. , 6-8 , and 9-12yrs. old

– Assisting in Teaching group Adult Wing Chun classes (and later Private lessons)

– Curricullum development for kids programs

– Managing the Kid’s teacher’s schedules

– Liasing with After School Activities Manager of the schools we are currently running classes at to coordinated dates, times, and procedures for each location.

– Weekly meetings with Head Sifu (Nima Khezr Nejat) to disucss improvement in quality control of Kid’s programs

– Constant communication with parents through emails, phone calls and in-person to keep them up to date with their child’s progress and things they can do to help them at home.

– Monthly reporting of the Kids section of the business to directors and shareholders

– Organizing and conducting the monthly Kids Grading events including coming up with grading techniques according to each studetn’s skill level

– Marketing ideas for rentention of kids studetns and finding new potential clients

– Constant development of personal Wing Chun Skills (particular to this lineage and method of practice) so that she is able to teach the higher grade Adult studetns as soon as possible.

– Other duties which fall under the kids section such as admin, cleanliness and tidiness of training areas, euipment management, upkeeping safety procedures at both in-studio and remote location. Ensure that Mindful Wing Chun Limted’s Child Safe Policies are strictly followed by all team members in all locations.

Some of the qualities we look for in teachers are:

– Genuine love of children.

– Cheerful, energetic, responsible with strong communication skills.

– Native English speaker or English proficiency at native speaking level.

– Previous experience in preschool education, gymnastics, speech & drama or sports & fitness programs for children is a must.

– At least 3 years teaching experience is a must.

*Applicants MUST have the right to work in Hong Kong

**Applicants must EITHER be double vaccinated OR be willing to take the bi-weekly Covid-19 test

***Prior Kung Fu experience is a must, preferable in Sigung Chu Shong Tin Lineage.

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