Mindful Kids Kung Fu Apprenticeship Program

Start your fruitful career in the wellness and education industry with our Kung Fu Apprenticeship Program. Our ever blossoming company, like the ‘Eternal Springtime’ idea at the heart of the Wing Chun practice, is always on the look for passionate, energetic and honest individuals to join the team.

Mindful Kids Kung Fu Internship Program

Do I need Martial Art Experience?

The answer is no! Full training will be given and a supported progression through the age groups and levels will be provided.

To make the process easier, we have laid out the basic steps to enroll onto our Apprenticeship Program. 

The Kung Fu Apprenticeship Program Explained

The course is open to anyone who already has the right to work in Hong Kong. Moreover, is eager to invest their time in the betterment of the next generations emotional, psychological, and physical development.

  • Upon a successful interview and team meeting, we will start to prep items to help you get started. You will need to apply for a Sexual Record Conviction Check (SCRC) and a Criminal Conviction Record Check (CCRC). As soon as you have the green light, you will be part of the team.

  • You will be granted access to Mindful Wing Chun’s wealth of training recourses. This includes accompanying class and teacher manuals, personal log in credentials to the online trainee teacher course and technique videos. Additionally, in person Teacher Training sessions with Senior Sifu’s and Instructors alike.

  • Class observation sessions will be scheduled for the candidate to take notes and study. Also, questions can be asked related to real time situations and examples.

  • After the first 20 hours of observing, shadowing and developing the skills needed to assist the classes (teacher training), you will start to earn a good hourly rate for subsequent classes you assist. The hourly rate will increase based on the candidates experience and progress so you can expect regular hourly pay increases.

After The Apprenticeship Program

  • When all the training is complete a more permanent contracted position in the company will be up for grabs to further your training and experience. There will also be scope to fill an adults instructor position if that direction wanted to be explored.

  • We are always on the lookout to support the teams’ other interests and skills too. So, if you have a desire to top up your social media, marketing, design or even management experience and exposure then we’d be happy discuss getting you involved in those areas too!

Get in touch, start your rewarding Apprenticeship today!

Email: info@mindfulwingchun.com.hk

Whatsapp/Call: +825 6620 7050