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This kids blog is all related to Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children. We are a Wing Chun School in Hong Kong.


Apart from the obvious Self-defence benefits, Kung Fu builds a strong core and healthy postural habits, as well as balance, determination, discipline, respect, focus, mind-body connection, self-esteem and much more.

It truly is a perfect developmental tool for young and old from all walks of life, and our experienced team teaches it in a way so that our students understand how to apply these benefits to different situations in their everyday lives!

Our Kids Martial Arts classes have a myriad of benefits. You should try for yourself and see!

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Mindful Wing Chun Kids classes reviewed by Lux Magazine Life as “Best Children’s Martial Arts School in Hong Kong”. Mindful Wing Chun’s Kids Kung Fu division is a unique approach to children’s mental and physical health. The physical practice of the Kung Fu art is the tool in which we use to experience our bodies, …

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