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This kids blog is all related to Wing Chun Kung Fu for Children. We are a Wing Chun School in Hong Kong.


Apart from the obvious Self-defence benefits, Kung Fu builds a strong core and healthy postural habits, as well as balance, determination, discipline, respect, focus, mind-body connection, self-esteem and much more.

It truly is a perfect developmental tool for young and old from all walks of life, and our experienced team teaches it in a way so that our students understand how to apply these benefits to different situations in their everyday lives!

Our Kids Martial Arts classes have a myriad of benefits. You should try for yourself and see!

Ultimate Mindfulness And Meditation Guide To Hong Kong

Little Steps Hong Kong mentioned Mindful Wing Chun Kids Classes in their Ultimate Mindfulness and Meditation Guide to Hong Kong. We also must mention Mindful Wing Chun Kids, which combines meditation with Kung Fu – it’s impressive to watch their kid’s classes, and they cater to teens and adults too. Exhale is Hong Kong’s premium meditation studio,

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